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July 2020

When cells are grown outside of their source organism, they must be cultured under conditions that closely mimic their native in vivo environment.


June 2020

It may be surprising to learn that the history of the western blot only stretches back to the late 1970s.



June 2020

Spheroidal cultures exhibit greater physiological relevance than 2D cell cultures, including improved cell viability, morphology, proliferation, differentiation, metabolic activity, migration, angiogenesis, and gene expression.

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May 2020

Advancements in microscopy over the last two decades have created a revolution in biology, allowing complex, dynamic processes to be recorded with high spatial and temporal resolution.

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April 2020

The cell nucleus is the largest and quite often the stiffest organelle in a cell, and is a richly complex and dynamic structure that supports a surprisingly diverse set of functions.

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March 2020

Viruses are basically a ball of genetic material surrounded by protective proteins that have one goal, often at odds with human health: self-reproduction.

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Massive Science

February 2020

Scientists are studying this fungus for use as a more environmentally-friendly insecticide.

Massive Science

January 2020

Cell division involves around 600 different proteins — it could take five or so years to study a single protein.

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